Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bored Provo

Shayla and I are bored and looking for something to do. So I did a google search of "things to do in provo". I checked the top sites and they brought up mostly museums and movie theaters. Then at the bottom of the page in the "related searches" area the second most commonly used phrase was "bored provo". And isn't that just how we all feel...

In my google search for something to do I came across a "100 things to do in Provo" list. I'll just list some of the highlights:

-Go to school
-Watch TV
-Make food
-Bake (are these really 2 things?)
-Go running
-Go to the library
-Get a haircut
-Go to church

This list is proof that Provo sucks.

Anyways, today was kind of depressing. I was at the mall and they had a "sidewalk sale" where the clothes were on racks in the walkways of the mall rather than in the stores. Pretty stupid gimmick. But they had some cheap jeans there so I went to look for my size, but the numbers on the rack only went up to 38-size waist. Apparently 38 is the cutoff for buying clothes at a major retailer. After that they just had a section full of XL sweatpants. Fine, I'll take my fat-butted business elsewhere.


  1. if it makes any difference, you don't look bigger than a 38.

  2. Haha provo sucks.

  3. You could come to San Jose. Lots of stuff to do here.